Citizenship Discourses in the Early Middle Ages


21 - 22 January 2019
Sweelinckzaal, Utrecht

Graduate conference Utrecht-Tübingen

Graduate Conference: Better together? Images and realities of community in the Middle Ages

This conference focusses on a comparison of medieval conceptions of community and the practicalities involved in living in a group. It departs from the notion that living together is never easy although people have always tried to facilitate living in communities by formulating utopian perspectives and issuing practical guidelines. In this workshop we want to look particularly at confrontations between ideals and reality.

We hope to discuss questions related to feelings of community in specific groups. How do these come about? How do groups define themselves? Who is included and who excluded? What happens when a group is being threatened through internal or external pressure?

The main aim of this conference is to offer master students the chance to present their research in an international environment in a sympathetic and supportive atmosphere.

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