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Citizenship Discourses in the Early Middle Ages

Kay Boers MA

PhD Candidate

Start date: 1 March 2018

Kay Boers  is employed as AIO promovendus in the NWO VICI project Citizenship Discourses in the Early Middle Ages, supervised by Prof. dr. Els Rose, and specializes in various aspects of Late Antique history, most prominently, narratology, epistolography, discourses on violence and victimhood, and the spatial articulation of the sacred. His subproject will investigate how Christians in the Post-classical and Early Medieval West made use of the language and spatial imagery of civic displacement and foreignness to articulate not only novel forms of religious expression, but also new spatial, social and religious formulations of self and other.

His subproject will partially expend on the methodology and theoretical framework first presented in his Research Master’s thesis “Between a House of Prayer and a Den of Robbers: Violence in Church Space and the Politics of Christian Victimhood in the Fourth Century CE”. In 2017 his thesis was awarded with the Faculty Thesis Award of Humanities (Utrecht University) in the category “Best Research Master’s Thesis”, as well as the National Research School in Classical Studies (OIKOS) Thesis Award for “Best Research Master’s Thesis in Ancient History and Archaeology”.